Twenty Six Palace Bubblegum



Please enjoy the newest short film by one of my fav photographers of the moment, MadeInVarma






The inspiration behind it? Our Lady of Pop, of course!


Get yourself a bubblegum and watch it full screen.





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  1. omg that palace is a dream!!! now I just want to make a huge Chanel party there!!

  2. These are absolutely brilliant, you always find the best stuff :)

  3. Way too amazing, love love love! Great photos, great video.

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

  4. Popping my gum as I type! Want that wig!!!

  5. Her hair is fantastic!

  6. it’s great visiting your blog and discovering new photographers and original ideas! great pictures!

  7. Fresh piece of bubblegum I like it, along with her big hair, the location and Japanese anime, she seems kinda wired but there’s something that makes me feel sad for her, it looks isolated, though every-time the gum sticks to her mouth there’s a playful look on her face.

  8. awesome photos!

  9. Love these photos. seriously awesome

  10. i wanna tease my hair so it can be big like that!
    i love the video

  11. wow! this is superamazing!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  12. Awesome photos and the bubble gum is always fun in editorials! You always chose the best! xoxoxoxo

  13. wow what an interesting, and intriguing movie, simple wow, i love it

  14. WHOA that hair is grooooovy!

  15. im not that into gaga. but i still like this, especially that second photo.
    thanks for sharing babe

  16. Love these photoooos!:)


  17. amazing photos!
    Thanks for your comment.

  18. Love the photography in the video and the slightly dark vibe. will check her site.x


  20. Something about certain moments in the video are so youthful. I think it might be the super big hair, the angles, and placing her so directly against such white backdrops (the door, etc.). Plus when she’s skipping for like a second, perfect. Or maybe it’s just the bubblegum!

  21. these photos are really beautiful! :)

  22. this shoot is amazing!!!

  23. wow, fantastic photos. love her hair!!!

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