Ville Varumo photography, dramatically and sensually lit. Beautiful.


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  1. I think I love you. This is stunning!

  2. I’m feeling the soft toned photography and Anu suits the vibe of this editorial. Tasty two tone blazer and leather harness vest!

  3. love it, especially the last ones!

  4. so beautifullllllllllll

  5. I love how soft yet sinister these photographs are! Stunning.

  6. Dramatic with a touch of subtile horror, I like it! And yes, it really feels good to be satisfied! That is definitly one of the downsides of being a blogger, the materialistic side! I hope you have a nice week to darling!

    Love Iben

  7. So pretty photos:)

  8. OMG the first pic is AMAZING!


  9. i see clothes i would like to wear, like that lace blouse…and definitely that black and white blazer. beside steh pictures are very good, dramatic!

  10. very dramatic. love the lace in the first pic

  11. Beautiful! Some of them look like a Caravaggio

  12. That leather racer back bra/top is just stunning. You’ve got SUCH a great eye lady, love the photos you share on here! :D

  13. LOVE these!! i may have to re-post… :)

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