Hello beautiful people!

Today I’m very happy to announce that I have teamed up with 0770 to deliver you an amazing GIVEAWAY.


The guys at 0770 has been so kind to send me quite a lot of goodies to share with you guys! The only thing you have to do is to choose what you like the most between the studded skull ring, the Zero ring, and the skull earrings.



just like 0770 fan page on Facebook HERE (if you don’t have a Facebook account it’s ok, you can still enter the contest) and leave a comment to this post saying which item you would like to win, I have a couple of each to give away. Yeeey!

If you don’t run a blog leave your email too so that I will be able to contact you.


Winners will be announced by the end of the month. Good luck with it!



So? Have you chosen your favourite one? And I guess that by now you are curious to know more about these talented Italian guys. That’s why I asked them for an interview! Read it along.



Who are 0770 and how did your project come about?

0770 are Enzo Pirozzi, fashion costume designer with photographer Irene Di Caprio. We have been collaborating together long before the 0770 project saw the light, as we are partner also in private life. We work together in every project we are involved, no matter if it is photography, costume or fashion. We learned each other’s job and we created a sort of mini-team. We started 0770 to say what we want to say in our way! The name comes from our passion for rock music. 0770, July 1970. It was the last summer that the three legends of rock (Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison) were still alive. That was a charming period made of cultural revolutions and music was the thing that was keeping it all together. We consider ourselfes “not politically correct” because we don’t care about being mainstream. Our accessories are made of skulls (the music heritage), wings (our freedom), and dicks (our irony). From corsets to fancy dresses, we designed our latest entire collection mixing leather with fleece. We chosed to use fleece to make a statement, to shout out that we are different. I can wear a studded fleece and leather dress to a theater show and feeling at ease.



What is the starting point for the creation of your jewelry, fashion collections and accessories?

Our starting point is the anthropologic study of style tribes. Not only by the books but also by people watching.


What inspires you?

Inspiration can come from different sources. We can find the right input in a dream, in a feeling, watching a film or an artwork. Many ideas come from our continuos study of costume history and from the theater environment.


Who would you like to wear your creations?

Asia Argento, Carmen Consoli, Skin and Courtney Love, true icons with a strong personality.


Which song/artist better describe your work?

The artists and songs that go perfectly with our work are Radiohead…and also songs like Angie by Rolling Stones and La domenica delle salme by Fabrizio De André.


What do you think style is about?

Style is the balance between what you are and what you show to others. The authenticity of our real self. With the words of an icon of the last century: “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”.


If style was a place it would be…

Every place that brings new artistic and cultural stirs.


And if it was a person? Who’s your style icon?

Definitely we have more than one: Courtney Love, Mick Jagger, Elsa Schiapparelli, Frida Kahlo.


What is IN and what is OUT…

IN is being avantgarde, going against the flow, being the black sheep and emerge from the herd.

OUT is following the crowd, being conformist because it easier, being a herd of white sheeps.


Who are your fantasy dinner party guests?

Alexander McQueen, Thom Yorke, Keith Richards, Fabrizio De André, Amleto, Pierpaolo Pasolini, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Maradona, Guido Crepax, Enki Bilal, Salomè, Charles Bukowski, Gala and Salvador Dalì.


Favourite dish…

Ziti di Gragnano, which is a typical pasta from southern Italy, with Neapolitan Ragù.


You are from Naples, in the south of Italy. If I came to visit your city what is an absolute must see there?

Cappella Sansevero, with the awesome objets d’art by Corradini and Sanmartino; Napoli sotterranea; antro della Sibilla (Cave of the Sibyl) Averno Lake, the places of Ade’s entrance; Spaccanapoli and its caos; the performing art center Lanificio25; the Spanish quarters, the ancient heart of Naples, where the old civilization collides with the daily life; the greek roman theatre, hidden in the ground reachable from “basso”  vico Cinquesanti.


Any plans for the future?

At the moment we are planning to distribute our accessories line in Italy and soon we will open a showroom in Milano. Also, in a year time we are planning to start a pret a porter line.

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  1. These guys are amazing. I love their ethos and being a huge Jim Morrison and Cortney Love fan I love their style too. Following on FB.
    I’d be mighty pleased to own that stud ring.

    L x

  2. This is just the best: “OUT is following the crowd, being conformist because it easier, being a herd of white sheep.” – this message should be spread as much as possible :D
    I never enter giveaways but I’m not going to pass this one and if i get lucky and get picked i want that ZERO ring, yey! :)

  3. Hotttttt guys! you always choose the best honey!
    I want to win everything ahah …but if I have to choose I will go for the skull ring!!!
    and yeah…folllowing 0770 on Facebook!

  4. mmmmh don’t have Facebook but I REALLY WOULD LIKE the ZERO ring! pleaseeeee :)

  5. i like both, and that photo of you is freaken awesome

  6. I would like to win the Zero ring! it’s amazing! :)

  7. What a killer giveaway!!! These rings are unique.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Awesome giveaway :) Liked on facebook and would definitely be interested in a skull ring.

    I love the interview. The guys seem really passionate and genuine, and I love the fact that they’re also a couple. It’s truly a labour of love :)

  9. those rings are just amazing!

  10. Sweet giveaway!

    — I’m now a FB fan of 0770 under: Nicole Ordonez

    — I adore the Studded Skull Ring! It’s so bad ass! ;)

  11. amazing pics and rings!!

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!
    totally cute!
    good luck to all the applicants!

  13. Oh my gosh i love the skull earrings! I would like to wear them ♥ So im gonna say earrings :)
    I’ve never heard about 0770 and now I think im in love. Gorgeous design and jews!

    Your blog is amazing! : )

  14. i love shull earings

  15. Oh my, these two are so special..
    I liked them on fb.

    I would love the Zero ring!

  16. Krista Gassib says:

    These is a killer ass line of jewelry, I friggin LOVE it. My fav is the skull ear rings.

  17. So cool-i’m entering!!! I’ve liked the facebook page and my favourite has to be the skull ring! Woo-fingers crossed now :D

  18. This jewllery is awesome! I think the skull one is my favourite! I love skulls!!

  19. the skull rings are AMAZING! :D


  20. Thanks love for your sweet comment :) I did a reply to what you wrote, btw. On my blog ;)
    Loving your lastest posts. Well I have always loved your blog from the start, no matter what. And what an awesome giveaway you’re having! Hope all is well. xx

  21. The Zero ring is just perfect!

  22. love it. particularly the earrings!!!

  23. yeah you can do the nails different colors but i think you want black haha

  24. I love the skulls, especially the earrings (I’d never take those off). Such a cool giveaway! I’ve liked them on facebook.

  25. omg so exciting!!!
    count me in for the earrings xx

  26. I want the zero ring!!!!

  27. Oh! GREAT giveaway!! Many thanks for the chance!
    Definitely I LOVE the “Studded Skull Ring”.
    My email: therockandcool@gmail.com

    Cross my fingers!!

    The photos are amazing. Love them!! And the interview is really good.


  28. Such gorgeous jewellery! I liked them on facebook, my favourite is definitely the clear skull ring!

    Carmen Ri.

  29. GREAT giveaway!
    The earrings are amazing and soooo cool :D I want it!
    I didn’t know this brand, so thanks for the discovery ^ ^

    This is my email – theperfectcreate@hotmail.com

    m u a a a k and thanks!

  30. Love the rings, amazing pics


  31. Love em all…I’ll take any one!

  32. the earrings are ACE
    can I have them? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  33. this is so awesome!

  34. those rings are amazing! love it!

  35. yeah you can def rock that crop corset not me, man, im still fat hahah, its ok

  36. great post, you should be sponsored by these. no cooler chick to promote this brand than you girl!
    anyways. would like the earrings if i were to choose.
    thanks for sharing the interview too. interesting to read

  37. awesome giveaway.. those rings are truly original.. I like them all.. but the skull is definitely my fave.. and I’ve been looking for a skull ring for ages, at least an amazing one.. and that is amazing in deed!
    I just LIKED them on Facebook, thanks for the giveaway, stay cool!

  38. Love the ZERO ring.

  39. cool brand! i like the skull ring so much!

  40. Firstly, thanks for your comment! I always love it when cool bloggers say something sweet about me. Makes me feel like I’m doing something right in fashion! I love the 3-D zero and double-spike rings. I wouldn’t mind having either ;)

    Thanks for the introduction to these italian designers. They are really eclectic designers with an eye for funk :)


  41. thanks for your comment in my blog! those pics are from a video I made

    IBy the way, I wouldn´t mkind gettings the wings-shaped earrings !

  42. Wow, their designs are so amazing!!
    I guess I’m quite late for the giveaway, I’ve been so busy lately… but well, if I can still enter, my favorite is the zero ring =)

    love, pi*

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