A day shooting Maite


The day before yesterday I have spent the entire day with this gorgeous model from Madrid, art directing the shooting of the catalogue for an Italian fashion brand. She has been modelling with us already a few times but this was the first time for me to work with her. She’s not just very beautiful but also funny and laid back, like all the Spanish people are…and very expressive too, such a gorgeous girl to work with! Here some shots of her and all the crew I took during the breaks.

Model Maite Yanes @ womendirect.it

Photographer Makoto Nakashima

Below some of my fav shots from her portfolio that convinced us to choose her. I especially love the styling of this editorial. What about the tights of second pic? Aren’t them insane?

Have a crazy weekend darlings! And be ready for a GIVEAWAY comin’ in next week!


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  1. These photos are absolutely amazing, i am so going to steal them for my drawing inspiration, thank you :)

  2. what an absolute stunner! seeing shots like these it makes me want to bleach my brows… Or cover them in baby powder!

    Awesome shots, I crave your job…

  3. I love her too. And you have the dream job I guess. Loving what you do + meeting amazing people, it can’t get better, can it ?! I wish you a wonderful week ;x

  4. Wow amazing! you did a great job! xx

  5. what gorgeous pictures! The model is so beautiful.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Beautiful photography and styling. Also love the jacket with the studded shoulders. xx

  7. that close up shot is fierce!
    can’t wait to know what the giveaway is about! :)

  8. The location building of the shoot looks wonderfully urban and her portfolio has many indelible shots including her hair and tasty studded detailing and metallic tinges and web tights!

  9. wow have fun, she looks gorgeous, that must be lots of fun ha.
    cant wait for your giveaway!

  10. wow beautiful!x

  11. this photoshoot looks amazing!

  12. Beautiful model! I love the styling very much! xoxoxoo

  13. fiercetastic shots babe! well done. love the styling here. and the model looks smashing
    thanks for sharing these.you must have an amazing job. busy. but amazing

  14. this is SO awesome i love your life

  15. wow! so amazing! :)


  16. She is SO gorgeous. Wow. I definitely like those photos.

  17. Wow, these photos are stunning!
    Thank you for the tip! I will definitely need to master the art of layering. I’ll be visiting Hamburg for a month. Have you been to Germany much?
    Great blog!


  18. Krista Gassib says:

    These photos are gorgeous and your right those tights are super sexy. You have mad skills with that camera of yours!!!!

  19. Rarely cool shoot. Looks so so fab. Am gonna use a few pics for poses if you don’t mind :-)


  20. Those mediterranean models always seem more feisty and glamorous. They know how to glower with style.

  21. Yeah Venice is Amazing .) Do you still live down there??

    Nice pics btw!!


  22. Beautiful model, amazing hair and makeup, EPIC clothes. I love everything about this.

  23. this looks so amazing, must have been a great shoot!♥

  24. holy smokes! this is stunning. you are so talented.

  25. It must have been amazing! I would love to be a part of a photoshoot like this. And yes, she is so gorgeous! And I agree with you, these pictures are fantastic!!

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