Now, let’s talk about these babes

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair with nailed silver tone metal toe plaque 


Ann Demeulemeester featuring a lace-up detail at the back. VOTE.


As a friend of mine sharply pointed out some time ago, I am always after the same shoes…wedges, leather, buckles and metal details. But I can’t help it: are’t these babies just too good? Unfortunately I’m quite skint right now but maybe next month…


On another note, a fab GIVEAWAY is coming soon!!!

so…stay tuned and keep wobblin’ dolls!!

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  1. ah your killing me, i want!!!

  2. I think I will take both, please! ;)

  3. oh i like the front of the first boots . the metal detail is great
    thanks for sharing babe

  4. They’re both really worth pining over but I’m leaning toward the metal detail on the first pair.

  5. They’re super fierce shoes! The metal tip is so cool! I love it! xoxoxoo

  6. bad ass boots. ouuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  7. I feel the metal detail of the first could be a DIY project that would give the same effect for a fraction of the coast, so i vote ann

  8. they’re pretty amazing, but i’m afraid i wouldn’t be able to walk with those! i’d be on the floor after two steps! haha


  9. HOW on earth can you choose?! Both are so sexual. Love it!

  10. can’t choose. i want both pairs!

  11. Oooooh tough one, I think the FIFTH AVENUE SHOE REPAIR edges it for me.. the combo of metal and leather.

  12. Woah that shoe repair is amazing!!!

  13. I love both of them..depends on the occasion :)

  14. whoaaaa both are awesome! i go with the first just because metal is awesome…er.

  15. I love that metal toe but I have seen it before whereas I find the Anne’s are far more original— I’ve never seen anything like them!


  16. I’m in love, they are gorgeous shoes!

    Carmen Ri.

  17. Both?
    They are both amazing and beautiful in their own ways…..

  18. Oh man, I thought they were the same shoe from the front and back at first. I want theese shoes’ love child hybrid. THAT is my ideal shoe.

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