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I’m always up for some nice tattoo photography…

See the rest of the editorial on FASHION 156

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  1. hottie with tats oooohlala!

  2. mmmh thinking to get a tattoo but not sure about it…
    this post makes want it a bit more

  3. love these photoss!!

  4. Love the stained effect on these photo’s. I wouldn’t mind getting a tattoo ..but what I would love to ink now I would probably grow to dislike it after a few years!! I just cheat with Henna Tattoo’s!

  5. this makes me reallyyy want my tattoo

  6. these leave a girl with the lingering question of “what do i want more, the man or the tattoo?” dilemma.♥

  7. The editing of these photos offers a really cool vibe on top of the [already] cool tattoos.

  8. ohh love the editing and the place of the tat

  9. beautiful photos. I just love these xx

  10. I love the torn photo effect on that last pic!

  11. I adore tattoos. When I think of a tattoo, I tend to call it “eternal & portable masterpiece”. Am I right?

  12. ♡What a wonderful photos!!!!
    kisses from your follower! ♡
    With love Little Sable

  13. The boy is so gorgeous! I’m not a fan of tattoos but they can look really intriguing if done right! xoxoxoo

  14. i think it makes it fun, so that way we will be surprised anticipating your outfits

  15. …fabulous…that torn effect is verrry clever…

  16. amazin tattoos

    want some on me too!

  17. these are great shots. i was contemplating getting a tattoo. but i don’t think it would look good on me.
    and also i’d probably get tired of it a bit too soon. so i think i’ll just stare at these for a while instead.
    thank you so much for your comment darling. it was so fun taking photos of those girls, they were so kind and patient.

  18. These photos are insanely good! :D

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