Spooky knit


Oversized, loose fitting Shetland wool knit from Junya Watanabe, Comme Des Garcons, with ghost like silhouette: isn’t this perfect for spincing up an Halloween afternoon just to get into the party mood?? I am crushing over the chunky ribbing and distressed frayed finnish that mix sophistication with goth.

You can get it Here…or you can borrow your neighbour cat and go DIY…!

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  1. looks cool
    DYI calling… I dunno if it would look that good though

  2. niceeee and goth!!

  3. oh yes. ohhh yes.

  4. thats awsum! : )

  5. I’m going to let you in on a little secret (don’t tell anyone, ok?) – I knit, and I’m not too bad at it either, yey! And i have a cat, so I think I’m onto a winner here! :)

  6. I’m a big fan of Junya Watanabe! A damaged knitted dress like this, would be just perfect…in my wardrobe!

  7. i rather do the neighbor cat thing hahah
    so cool, but i cant do diys. but ill try to do this, so ill just go to the trift shop and buy one of those guys big sweaters and if i fuck up oh well,

  8. frayed finish is perfect!!

  9. This looks so good for a DIY proyect! :)

  10. This is gorgeousssss! Do want. x

  11. LeJournaldeDiana says:

    Hahahaha i definitely agree with letting the cat claw at a jumper for the same effect !!

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