This is sooo MILANO!


…the place where I’m from.


Symphony of MI LA NO !

Enjoy this awesome black&white video made with real people by Mr. Marcelo Burlon, the one that makes us dance the nites away in Milan….

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  1. Bella Bella! You find the best videos and images to share…thank you…

  2. This is absolutely awesome! :)

  3. I heard about his parties from my friends in milan!!! loving the video and the song!

  4. That video was fantastic :D i loved all the outfits in it, especially the leather skirt and top one-so cool! You find amazing videos to share!

  5. I was practically drooling over the footwear. Then I watched it again and drooled over the clothes and the beautiful people. This is is so inspiring and fun.

  6. i need to go to milano soon. one of my best friends is stuying art there. and she loves milano.
    great video.

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