Chillin’ is black and white

Hectic weeks are passing by and I am so busy I am kind of neglecting my blog… These really disappoints me in a way but, if I cannot have a 48 hrs day, I must set some priorities and work has to come first…(so lucky that I have a job I love, at least!)

So, when the other day i received the newest shooting from Made in Varma, I couldn’t help but feeling a bit envious of this girl that is chillin’ in a beautiful home, wearing nothing but a cool tee, sexy shoes and sunglasses, being photographed by one of my favourite and having a fab relaxing time…


On another note, later on today I will draw the 0770 GIVEAWAY winners. Good luck to everybody who entered!

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  1. what a perfect location!! love love love this!!

  2. I love her tees!!!!

  3. I love these pictures. They look great in black and white.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. oh god her legs are so skinny i love them

  5. Most of all I am in love with the furniture…that white sofa…I need one like that in my home…

  6. Haha, first thing I thought was, I am so jealous of that girl. These are great photos.

    Also, YAY for having a job you love! Makes it easier to handle being super busy. :)

  7. I would gladly swap with this girl too :)

  8. that’s a great series. I like her attitude!

  9. Amazing tees and amazing photos!

  10. i really like that first shot

  11. LOVE the pics!!
    The model are beautiful, and the shirts and shoes too.
    Love black & white photos.

    KiSSeS! ^^

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