If it wasn’t because this Junya Watanabe black sleeveless dress from Ln-CC store looks like something that should be tried on before buying it, I would be very, veeeery tempted to indulge in some crazy shopping. Actually the dress it’s quite pricey considering that it is made from synthetic leather, but the design is so beautiful it could justify every penny!

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  1. Oh wow, it’s just perfect! Although I agree, it does look like one for trying before buying.

  2. Krista Gassib says:

    I love this dress! I bet the synthetic fabric makes it easier to wear.

  3. leather armour! yeh!

  4. love leather, love leather dresses

  5. omfg, this is likek my dream, this leather dress is just fucken awesome!

  6. Wow. It is definitely lust worthy! I think I could just stare at this dress for a really long time (I kind of just did, ahaha!).

  7. I think it`s very ncie that it`s made of synthetic leather – I`m an animal right activist and don`t wear leather clothing even though sometimes I really like something; yet because this dress wasn`t made out of a poor animals skin, I could wear it. Money well spent.
    Love the name of this blog)


  8. im crazy about the boots. i want them

  9. I thought you might like to know that this dress is currently on sale at as I discovered last night! Damn its so amazing, almost like a superhero’s cape from the back! :-)

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