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I never post about beauty products over here but the other day I got this foundation that, even if isn’t new on the market, is SO f**in’ amazing I must share it with you dolls. It doesn’t come cheap, (but when quality does?) and the experience of spreading on my face this lightweight mousse that immediately becomes an unprecedented fabric-like texture is totally out of control, in the best possible way, and really pays back every penny of it. 


“Giorgio Armani has translated his skills in texture and layering into a unique range of cosmetic textiles, a Wardrobe for Face (how amazing, right?!) that comes in a variety of pale shades” (a total plus for me with my very white skin complexion). Now…I am just scared that I will run out of it very soon because every excuse is good to use it…no jokes!


GIORGIO ARMANI Face fabric foundation spf 12HERE

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  1. I am always disappointed with the cheap foundations…too thick…too light…turn to grey after a few hrs…maybe I can try this if you say it is so fabulous :)

  2. sounds great. would love to see how it looks on you.
    will look for it when i go shopping for a new foundation soon.
    have a great week darling

  3. Armani has great makeup. Their foundation works pretty well for me.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. face fabric? sounds something that must be tried!

  5. ooh i might try this

  6. The description sounds lovely. Fabric on your face, who wouldn’t want to give it a try!

  7. Awesome that you did a beauty post! I think I’m gonna have to try this one now since you crossed personal boundaries posting it, haha!

    love Iben

  8. hm… nice! I’m really needing a new foundation, and this one seems amazing! My skin is quite pale too, so I guess this one will look really nice. Its hard for me to find one that I like… I’ll look into it.
    Thanks for sharing! =)

    love, pi*

  9. aoOo show youuu wearing it !! I picked up some lush colour supplement foundation the other day and I am in love,,,you just dot it on and rub and it looks like your wearing nothing!!


  10. good to know! I think this is the type of foundation Rumi from Fashion Toast uses, I sort of rememeber reading about it in one of her posts. My fave foundation was discontinued :( so maybe this will be the perfect replacement!

  11. im not a big makeup person but this sounds great! :D

  12. i will have to try it. i don’t have a perfect foundation.. and because of this i don’t use any even if i need to :-/

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