Rad details from one of my fav street style blog


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  1. Oh dear, these are so cool! Love the transparent bracelets!

    Love Iben

  2. I have a thing for detail shots and these are so great.

  3. Très jolie la premiere photos!

  4. Beautiful, excellent choice, as always :)

  5. The necklaces are amazing!

    Carmen Ri.

  6. Love love love the second photo. Something so sexy about it, the hand the lines of the outfit.


  7. the first blouse with the leather is so awesome, jason wu has something similar the blouse its sheer too
    im inlove with this one too!

  8. // I was too late to respond “good morning”, so you’ll have a Good night from me :D

  9. Wow. The pics are AMAZING and the models are beautiful.
    Love the accesoires.

    KiSSeS! ^^

  10. in love with that 1st pic

    so amazinnnnnnnnn

  11. the details really make all the looks so unique! :)

  12. Rad is one of my favs- particularly I like the silhouette, but also the details are stunning


  14. thanks for sharing that site. will go check it asap.
    wish you a great weekend babe

  15. So beautiful pics <3

  16. thanks for the blog link…
    might be my new fav!!

  17. so space age or something, with of course FASHUN, inc. gorge!


  18. sooo sexxxy.
    bracelet is divine

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