Livin’ in a plastic world


Plastic never seemed so charming before.

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  1. oh my gosh! fantastic photos! I love those plastic forks – thing.

  2. Oh honey do I have to add something to your ability to fiind awesome stuff? Awesome, indeed!

  3. You are so right. Plastic can look really fantastic. I saw this diy for making clear plastic cuffs and the idea’s been growing on me ever since!

    And thank you for your comment on my outfit!

  4. your blog is absolutely inspring! so glad i came across it :) following for sure :) Thanks for posting these very inspirational photos.

  5. They are very cool, AS USUAL :-) Love the idea of it very much, but the best thing is silhouettes it creates. And shadowing is so subtle and dramatic at the same time, isn’t it?


  6. Loving the forks – could only have been made better with sporks!
    Thank you for your kind comment – I’ve not been posting, but I’ve been reading all my faves xx

  7. You really are the queen of best fashion photos ever, I love these photos and I’m stealing every single one of them and stashing them away into my ‘To be drawn’ folder. Amazing.

  8. These pictures are stunning. I love this concept. Thanks for posting!

  9. forte ma fine…in avatar style!!cool!!

  10. yes! i nearly posted the fork one at some point but to see it in its entirety is very nice indeed. digging the tinfoil.

  11. floatleft says:

    Indeed amazing photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BIG UP!

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