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After spending sometime looking for the perfect biker boots I just realized I didn’t really want them because everybody seems to wear them nowday, and I always have a problem with this issue.  It was then that I came across these navy boots (similar to bikers in the pic, but quite not the same once you wear them) from Jil Sander that perfectly fit my needs right now: they are flat, comfortable enough to walk to work everyday and smart enough for job meetings when I don’t feel like wearing heels.  They also come in a very tempting light brown shade but unfortunately they didn’t have it in my number at the shop. Or maybe better like this…cause I wouldn’t really have known how to choose between black and brown! (This is actually quite strange since I never even consider buying brown shoes, but those looked quite special).


On another note, last Friday night I attended the Gareth Pugh for Melissa party at 10 Corso Como in Milan. Gareth Pugh himself was there and my colleague was really lucky to have the chance to interview him for an Italian magazine. Hopefully I will manage to share the video with you very soon guys! I don’t have any pic to share cause light was really low plus my hands were shaking ahaha, just the ones on my twitter but yeah…you can see the poor quality of iphone pics with no lights.


Have a fab week ahead darlings. Mine is going to be busy as hell :)

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  1. Amazin boots! I think i need bikerboots too : )
    Giveaway is at the moment in post office! I go and get it tomorrow so its here ! Thank you so much ♥ Im gonna do little post about these earrings soon as possible ♥

  2. Thank you for your comment! I’m following you on Bloglovin’ love the concept of your blog, and these are cool boots

  3. love love love love love ♥

  4. i really like them , when are you gonna do an outfit post
    do it wearing this

  5. Good, all-round, go with everything boots. nice! x

  6. they are great, but I also decided not to buy any biker boots because everyone is wearing them. even in the small town my parents live in. whenever a fashion trend arrives there I know it’s better to ignore it :)

  7. Wow!! These boots are so cool!!
    LOVE them, God!

    KiSSeS! ^^

  8. Belliiiii!! I found a pair of amazing boots of bryan blake yesterday, I’m going to try them today…I’ve got the same issues, want bikerboots because mine are destroyed, but can’t find a pair that was satisfying my fantasies…so I went for a different style! I’ll show you a picture ; )



  9. these are smashing. i do love em! great pair of boots
    i love a pair of boots you can wear every day and still never get tired of.. these are a pair like that indeed.
    great buy

  10. Dirty Glams says:

    I recibed today the package!! I liked very much!! thanksss!:)
    This boots are great!

  11. These are so cool. I love “responsible” shoes, the kind that look super amazing but are easy to wear all the time and in almost any occasion. I say these were a great purchase. I hope you can upload the video soon!

    Also, I’m going to try my hand at the transparent cuff when I go home in a couple weeks! I’ll share the results unless they’re really quite awful.

  12. oh my those boots are awesome!!! :D

  13. hope your week is good busy! I have a relaxing week compared to last so just want to make lots of things! these are thhhe perfect boots!


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