Ones to watch: Hana Frisonsova


Currently obsessing over the work of Hana Frisonsova, a young and talented fashion designer from Czech Republic. Her Mysteries collection features a lot of beautifully cut leather pieces and draped tunics. It is avantgarde, severe and edgy enough to make your mama cry. Not to mention those insane and perfectly designed leather and wooden platforms…surely we will hear a lot about her in the future.

Check her out here:

Find her on Not Just a Label


Hana studied Textile and Fashion design on Technical University in Liberec. She began her career with the project SUUS but now she works under her name. In June 2011 Hana got the Erste Bank Fashion Award during the 11 festival for fashion & photography in Vienna. The award recognizes exceptional fashion collections created by designers from Central and Eastern Europe.


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  1. omg those shoes are like so badass but i couldnt walk
    yeah i did struggle with my weight i didnt mention it on my blog but i was fucken deprressed all the time hahhah
    so stupid though, theres people dying in other countries and here i am thinking about that

  2. Ok, these designs are amazing. As you say, so edgy!
    I want the skirt in the second to last picture.
    Thanks so much for sharing these!

  3. So gorgeous photos!!

  4. woah the shoes in the last pic are crazy awesome! :D

  5. this is phenomenal!

  6. killer platforms!!!

  7. This editorial is so cool, the last photo especially, I love backstage shots. Your blog is beautiful and very unique.

  8. exiting shots. thanks for sharing.
    some great pieces here and the shots are fierce
    have a wonderful week-soon weekend.

  9. Lovely pieces indeed, thanks for sharing x

  10. Absolutely stunning.

  11. I really like the 6th image down. Overall, great photos, great apparel. Thanks for sharing.

  12. amazin stuff

    love loveeee..

  13. omg these photos are so amazing!! crazy shoes!

  14. great images!!
    & the shoes = definite ankle-breakers!

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