AlienFox for Leigh de Vries

Leigh de Vries by leighdevries

How crazy are these two headpieces designed by AlienFox for one of my fav artist and musician, the gorgeous Leigh de Vries?? Check out her newest track, Walk Alone, I am seriously in love with it! And check also AlienFox FB for info about buying or renting their creations.


Dark star crashes

pouring its light
into ashes

Reason tatters
the forces tear loose
from the axis

Searchlight casting
for faults in the
clouds of delusion

shall we go,
you and I
While we can?
the transitive nightfall
of diamonds


Artist: Leigh de Vries
Photography: AlienFox Designs
Costume Design & Build: AlienFox Designs
Make-up: AlienFox Designs

Studio: The White Room Studio

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  1. Holy hell, those those pieces are INSANE. The song is badass too. I was dancing around my room, haha.

    By the way, I was in love with the iPad case too. Then I remembered I don’t have one but it was too good to not feature!

  2. These are awesome photos, lots of story in them. Also, thanks for sharing the music.

  3. they are amazing!!!! the head pieces and the photographs themselves!

  4. I really like the tune! and the pics of course

  5. I can’t seem to get enough of headpieces at the moment and these really are the cream of the crop!

  6. Re: Thank you! Rather satified, yes ;)

  7. amazing post. this is absolutely brilliant. and that second shot is a killer one.
    thanks for your always so unique and inspiring posts.

  8. beautiful head pieces, want! x

  9. Love it!

    ~ x♥x♥ :)
    ~ x♥x♥ :)
    ~ x♥x♥ :)

  10. she’s really talented! love the styling

  11. Thanks for sharing these amazing images! Just breathtaking.

    And thank you for your sweet comment over on my blog a couple of weeks ago! Was working in Cape Town for a couple of weeks, otherwise I would have replied sooner.
    I grew up near Varese… So not too far from Milan. Siamo vicine :D

One Trackback

  1. By Leigh De Vries | Strange on November 12, 2012 at 12:07 am

    [...] British musician and artist Leigh De Vries has just launched her new single’s video “Strange”.  Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the London launch party but, now that the video is out, I can finally share it video with you guys. She’s gorgeous as always and once again I am loving the masks and headpiece, designed by AlienFox Designs - See other creations from AlienFox for Leigh De Vries here. [...]

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