All I want today

All I want today is a minimal dress with leather sleeves.
Ph. Johan Sandberg

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  1. // aww, thanks! Yea I took those photos myself : )

  2. Beautiful dress, I would like one too please :)

  3. oh im right with you on that
    i want that dress asap!

  4. I love all of these designs I keep running across where leather is mixed in with other fabrics (usually sleeves). It adds instant edge to the design. I really like this dress event though I’m not a huge fan of front slits. The texture in the piece is just amazing.

  5. oh, i want it too! love leather in sleeves and details like pockets

  6. Sono Inglese ma crescuita in Italia – sono sempre stata li dall’ l’età di 3 settimane. Quindo sono un Italiana falsa ;) e mi sono trasferita in Inghilterra per gli studi. xx

    Che vestito fantastico! <3

  7. Love this! Great dress and photos

  8. oh yes! I love this dress too! I’m loving the leather sleeves lately!

    <3 Kelly

  9. ooooooh, can i borrow it!?? x

  10. merry christmas lovely♥

  11. That dress is incredible!



  12. and now you have me wanting this too! (-:

  13. get the fuck on my body asap asap asap!

  14. Sexy. Simple . Loveliness.

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