These minimal sleek images by photographer Zoe Ghertner are the perfect visualization of my current aesthetic ideal.

Hope you are all having a fab time darlings! What were supposed to be my holidays have turned into hectic days of shooting and stuff for a very exciting project I am working on….so well, I am shopping, sleeping, blogging, tweeting less than before but I am having a lot of fun. Enjoy last day of 2011 and see you here ready to rock 2012!!!


luv x

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  1. So perfect. Not just the picture itself, also the clothes, the main point of the pictures, and how they are framed.

  2. Very striking photos, I love the first one, it makes you look twice because of how bold and unexpected that black glove is.

  3. The first photo is beautiful.

    Enjoy Capodanno! :D


  4. these shots are beyond brilliant. i love how unique they are. and that first shot is just so cool.
    thanks for sharing babe. hope you’re gonna have a great nye

  5. Amazing photos. Hope you’re going to have a most amazing year next year :)

  6. this is awesome! especially the 1st pic
    Happy New Year!!!

  7. Hey girl! Thanks! :D Happy New Year to you too! :D <3

  8. HAPPY NEW YEARS to you too darling! I hope you had a fantastic new years eve!

    Lot’s of love!

  9. Ah those trousers! Fantastic images!

  10. i want a white blazer so bad now
    this look so cool and elegant
    yeah i cut m y hair just shorten a little thats it
    nothing spectacular hahahah

  11. These images are so crisp. I definitely don’t turn down any minimalist appeal. These are so great.
    Hope your project is going super well!
    Happy New Year lovely lady!

  12. Obsessed with those pants! Happy New Year!

  13. These photos are great, especially the fourth one down.

  14. my current aesthetic ideal too

  15. missing your post, but i hope it means your busy having fun
    take care
    happy weekend

  16. Dirty Glams says:

    So perfect!! great photos!

  17. absolutely STUNNING!

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