The hottest girl in London town


On the hunt for exciting upcoming bands? Meet Maleficient, the London based band lead by singer, model, ballet dancer and bondage performer, Miss Maleficient Martini and Mortimer Cain.

Firebelly has been filming Maleficent for 2 years and this promo video is the fantastic result!

MISS MALEFICENT MARTINI fronts the band MALEFICENT. She started ballet at the age of five and by eleven, joined Rome’s Teatro Dell’Opera di Roma. Four years later, she went to London to study at the Royal Ballet School. While training, she worked under the guidance of many famous ballet dancers and choreographers including Elisabetta Terabust, Alexander Floris, Zarcko Prebil, Massimo Moricone, Merle Park, Jonathan Cope and David Drew. It was in the final year of her studies that she started to develop her own unique blend of classical and contemporary dance. It’s this melange she brings to MALEFICENT ( – the band she formed in 2006. They mix fairytale scenarios and ballet, with industrial Electro in their live shows.

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  1. oooh wow she’s really beautiful!!

  2. Man she looks amazing! Totally babe-in look Sugar.

  3. Such a cool, talented girl! And that makeup I wanna copy ASAP!

    Love Iben

  4. thanks for sharing this. never heard of her, or the band,.
    she looks great
    hope you’re having a good week so far

  5. Oh wow she is really so cool!

  6. This girl is so COOL.
    But no more cool than you.
    Thanks for your lovely comments.
    You’re always make me smile.

    KiSSeS! ^^

    PS: MeRRy XMaS!!!

  7. I imagine seeing one of their shows is amazing. I’d certainly be excited to see one!

    Hope your week is going good and the business isn’t getting to you!

  8. Dirty Glams says:

    Amazingg!!! she is so cool!:)

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