hard [cyber] candy


Photography by Aleksandra Zaborowska
Makeup by Sylwia Pniewska
Hair by Alina Debowska
Styling by Wojciech Szymanski
Modelling by Kaja (Model Plus)


© papercutmag.com

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  1. this is fantastic

  2. So beautiful, love the spiked headband.

  3. A M A Z I N G ! ! !

  4. absolutely brilliant post. loving these shots. especially the first one
    thanks for sharing babe

  5. OMG!!! absolutely amazing!!! that souds ordinary, but I fall in love with these series!!

  6. These is some amazing hardware in this editorial. I love it. Bookmarking for future inspiration lulls!

  7. Awesome images! The final two are my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

  8. omg the braid is just too good
    i want one, and the spike choker def want

  9. I die @ this editorial!! The first hairstyle is too die for, I just love that roses, and the white cream color was incorporate it to make it more feminine!

    <3 Kelly

  10. this is so amazing

  11. beautiful grl:)

    kiss dear!

  12. wow! everything is breathtaking! amazing!!!


  13. hey girl oh im good, now , since it’s weekend,, been a tough week at work.. and it will just continue on next week. But the worst thing is that I got a call this morning. from my boss.. saying.. are you not coming today? and then I had shut off my alarm this morning and came to work 1,5 h too late.. oh my.

    But still happy about it being weekend.
    Hope you have a great one girl!

  14. love the hardware!

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