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I am always very proud and excited when I can present you new talents from Italy (which happens to be my country) and no dubt Ilaria Nistri and her brand project Roque – state of mind, a mark of urgency - is one of them.


Roque is an incursion into her sophisticated world and, above all, an explicit reference to the street. The freedom to transform, mix, construe. It is research and experimentation of the her line, rendered in the immediacy of a moment through a collection of articles in jersey and silk, lightweight and interchangeable. . High-tech fabric know-how, the leitmotiv of proportions, power of prints and clever use of asymmetry are reworked in a dynamic key, featuring treatments, dyes and resin-coatings with all the flavour of a story and unusual combinations.


But I am not in love only with her designs but also with “Amygdule”, a series of visions in photos and videos narrating the imagery that has fuelled the Ilaria Nistri S|S 12 collection. Enjoy!


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  1. great video!! i absolutely LOVE this designer.

  2. Very edgy! I love discovering new fashion designers!

  3. The video is as amazingly wonderful as the designs. Definitely a designer to keep on my radar. ;)

  4. god damnit i love the jacket!
    how was your holidays?

  5. Gli adoro! Specialmente il vestito del secondo immagine…
    Grazie per aver condiviso tutta questa creatività!

  6. Beautiful!! Never heard it of it, but really love those pics and the video!

  7. beautiful imagery, thanks for sharing! xx

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