under the sun’s influence



Dreaming of summer right now.

Photography Yiorgos Mavropoulos / Styling Meti Tsoukat / Model Eliza Sys

© theones2watch.com



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  1. me, too. can’t wait for summer!!!

  2. Ahhh, anch’io!
    Che voglia d’estate…

  3. Me too, I can’t wait :)

  4. Que lindas fotografias,
    adoro preto e branco.

  5. i would kill for those abs, and the white color here is so good

  6. Great photoshoot.

  7. I like the ethereal white apparel. I can do with some sun and vitamin D, but when the sun does shine, imitating a stance like Eliza would raise a few eyebrows around me ;)

  8. So amazing photos <3

  9. I’d really like summer and warm sun to get here now.

  10. These are great images, especially the fourth one down.

  11. Nice shots – the gauze dress is breathtaking!

  12. These are the most gorgeous shots!! Total Sunday inspiration.

  13. looove all this stuff, amazing backgrounds

  14. Now this is what I call absolute sensuality



  15. Hello! You once took part in a giveaway on my blog and now I came back to you to tell you I have new one going on, if you feel like taking part! I wanted to come to share this with you so you could get a new chance to win!


  16. Same! I am craving warmer days and exploring outdoors. <3

    <3 Kelly

  17. i do too dream of summer. wearing light weight fabrics. bare legs..
    hope youre having a good tuesday- are you at milan fw? or did it just end?

  18. I NEED that first dress.

    Love Grace.

  19. Gorgeous photos <3

  20. These photos are stunning, the dress in the first few photos is incredible.

    Carmen Ri.

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