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I have  been fascinated by Claudia Ligari’s work since her very first collections (see my posts here and read her interview here).


This season I had the pleasure to write for her the collection press release featured on Blow.co.uk. Read it below to discover the inspiration of her beautiful designs.


This season Claudia Ligari has overwhelmed us with delivering a futuristic collection that is distant and almost antithetical from the last season’s triumph of darkness yet still keeping her very distinct signature style. For her Spring Summer 2012 structured creations and soft elements are juxtaposed with a perfect edge in an exclusively white palette, creating an atmosphere of pure neutrality while at the same time breathing in the feeling of freshness into them.

In the wake of her previous work, Claudia continues to experiment with geometric cuts and exciting mixed materials, creating ready to wear handmade sculptures that preserve individuality in every single garment.


Along with the sheer lightweight cloth sits thick rubber net hand painted and hand sewn onto the garment, combined with printed hand glued silicones in a meticulously crafted work: an almost statuesque, artsy approach adding an extra touch for those who cultivate an avant-garde aesthetic. Inspired by Olympics sporty uniforms, especially scuba diving and bicycle racing suits, her SS12 designs feature long zip pullers, swimming caps and front zip bras. A severe perfection of a racer’s figure resonates throughout all her collection in a very sensual way, as she always succeeds in making unexpected and at the same time attractive garments on her woman’s body.

Despite the sporty inspiration as a starting point, she keeps it elegant and feminine without compromising her neat aesthetic, presenting a sleek collection of almost evening like dresses as well as very refined silhouettes. Tridimensional side panels featured on dresses, shorts and skirts explore a flawless and distinctive calm dimension for a more futuristic but still comfortable look. Looking as if she came from another planet, this is what Claudia Ligari’s women is about. True to her roots, the designer has played around with sophisticated shapes that underline her woman’s strong individuality, creating once
again an allure of purity and minimal-chic elegance.

Elisabetta Giovi – keepwobblin.com
Press enquiries Nicola Burgess I Nicola@blow.co.uk 


Buy Claudia Ligari’s collection online here.


11 Comments   |   Posted by Wobblinbetty in  Fashion
  1. I love this. Without a doubt. I can see hints of the sports inspiration but these are definitely chic, sleek, and so much more wonderful!

  2. So gorgeous photos!

  3. Great tailoring never goes unnoticed! Love how you can see the seams through the transparent panels

  4. Congrats on getting to write the press release! I really love these photos, they’re so surreal.

  5. i really like the transparent element.

  6. love the use of white and see through clothes! first pic and the trousers+converse look are my fav!

  7. fab collection indeed!

  8. holy shit this is so good!

  9. Wonderful work! so sharp and clean!

  10. I’m noticing quite a few designers playing with fleshy tones and the idea of a second-skin. This is lovely work and I’m definitely going to keep my eye on Claudia Ligari.

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