ghosts in the hair



Despite  the fact that coloured hair is a little 2011 these shots are kinda of alluring…

Which are your thoughts?


more on © theonestowatch

Photography Alessio Beretta / Styling Francesco Casarotto / Models Quirine & Inka

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  1. I’m still thinking its very current and I am loving these pix of it!! Great post

  2. Oh, the possibilities, I love these! :)

  3. I think it’s pretty current, check out Madelline and Hallie for great examples!

    La prima e la mia preferita – adoro il blu! <3

  4. Beautiful pictures, I love the last image especially, orange and pink go fantastically well.

  5. Gorgeous silhouttes, even more gorgeous hair. Thanks so much for sharing these, fabulous inspiration!

  6. these are fabulous!!!

  7. Yup – loving these! More hairspiration shots for me to oggle over. Although now I’m thinking I should stick to the brights instead of going pastel?? Aaarrrgh! Decisions… x

  8. I agree colored hair is so 2011. But its still so eye-catching and fun especially with the spring coming!! :)

    <3 Kelly

  9. Colored hair feels extremely old right about now but it can always work for certain people. These pastel/neon colors are interesting though.

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