wrinkled beauty


I know it is not nice to publish something without credits…but this editorial has been hiding on my desktop for long enough and now that I re-discover it I cannot remember where it is from. Terrible. I will try to fix this asap. In the meantime enjoy these shots darlings.

Photography : Dima Holovs


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  1. // aww thanks hun! I will! you try your best to relax some yourself, k? :)!


    your blogposts are the best. so inspiring!

  2. The texture of the paper adds a lot to these images. The images look a little bit aged which is a nice touch. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m always seriously bothered when I want to post something so badly but can’t figure out the proper credits. Grr!

    These are definitely great though. I love the wrinkled effect. And the creases. So good.

    Ps. Thanks for your kind words. Sometimes I feel like I don’t post the things I really want to fast enough.

  4. these are fabulous. love the retro vibe!!!

    have a great sunday!!

  5. Adorei as fotos,
    e o efeito tb,

  6. The wrinkles actually look awesome… And the colours are delicious. Love it!

  7. Awesome photos!

  8. Amazing editorial! Really striking and beautiful.

  9. I’m feeling the crinkled paper, brings it alive

  10. These look real cool!

  11. This is amazing!

  12. Pravda! I love the wrinkled effect!

  13. So awesome pics!

  14. nice photos, i liked it too!

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