Crystal by Ellen

Despite the fact I really like Ellen Von Unwerth work, I usually find it too colorful and glossy to feature it over here. This editorial for Schon magazine is quite an exception. Killer styling too.


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  1. whoa. i love this! thanks for sharing!

  2. So gorgeous pics !

  3. i havnet been here in awhile!

  4. gorgeous editorial! thanks for sharing :)

  5. oh, ellen von unwerth! it is a worthy exception to be fair! :)

  6. Oh wow. That fourth image is incredible!

  7. You seriously always find the most amazing photo shoots.

  8. Striking George Chakra dress and Tiffany headpiece.

    Love the bow and arrow too.

  9. II love Ellen Von Unwerth’s work. This is definitely no exception. Such a good editorial.

  10. this is seriously so cool!

  11. wow!! she’s incredible!!

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