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From top:

. Chris Habana ZERO chocker/nove25miniskull pendant/ AA sheer shirt // Givenchy Pandora bag (brand new, I love it so much!)

. A day spent on the haunt for the perfect models to shoot for a fashion client // Jill Sander sheer top (crazy fabric, my fav right now!)

. Studded loafers // Carvela lace-up buckled heels

. A page from an old mag // Jil Sander Navy wedges + Mac nails

. Views of my design agency


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Photographer: Laurie Bartley

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Today’s crush


Every time I browse through Farafetch there is some sexy that  winks at me. And even if I promised myself that I wasn’t going to buy anymore wedges this season (I own to many, time to ride some proper heels) this white sandal by Cinzia Rocca would match perfectly my new Jil Sander white leather jacket I mentioned in my previous post…plus the leather looks so soft…sales please come soon!

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Stunning collars photographed by Karolina Miadowicz.
DIY calling…
Via Papercut

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As I mentioned in one of  my previous posts, I am more and more fascinated by the allure of white things. From that day when I stated “I would also start wearing white if my pale complexion allowed it” I took a step forward, buying a fab white leather jacket at the latest Jil Sander sample sale (maybe I’ll post some pics later on) and now here I am again with a un-color styling inspiration. And the white locks are pretty rad too.


Photographer: Daniel Sannvald

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Today styling crush

Leather harness, fishnet tank, metal cuffs…today styling inspiration is from The Wild Magazine.

Photographer: Marek Berry
Have a rockin’ week ahead!


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