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These images from photographer Matthieu Belin belong to Qui Hao FW11 collection. When they appeared online last year I was charmed by the black outfits of the lookbook (see all the shots here) but today I am more and more drawn into these white ones. After years of total black, now I feel the unexpected need of collecting white objects and images and I would also start wearing white if my pale complexion allowed it. Also, I am thinking to invert my blog background and align it to my tumblr. So don’t be confuse if one of the next days landing over here you’ll step into the white.

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  1. I’ve always loved how your blog is dark, but i guess its as good and stylish in white. I would love to have a brighter blogdesign myself, but im too attached to my current design.

    These photos are great btw. I wish i knew where to find such inspiring photos. all i know is to visit your blog <3

  2. The aesthetics of the hood and the white textures is very celestial. I like the quirky backpack fur too.

  3. I can understand completely. I have always had such a freakish aversion to color and white is the antithesis of color in that it’s pure lightness. But I still get massive craving for it. Sometimes white clothing is just designed too well not to lust after it.

  4. Just beautiful – but I’m also pale so I know your trouble with wearing white ;) xo

  5. SV: Thank you :D

  6. Oh wow, these are unbelievably amazing. I can’t really say much else since I’m rather lost for words..

    - Joana

  7. I always enjoy coming to your blog! Great inspiration :)

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