Q+A with Tsemaye Binitie


“…every woman wants to be beautiful and I want to play a part in helping them achieve that”  Tsemaye Binitie


The minimal-chic elegance of Tsemaye Binitie collections, with their sophisticated and contemporary signature style, are exactly what I look for in a piece of clothing. The meticulously cut sartorial garments look like a delight to wear, as they reveal elegant and feminine body conscious silhouettes.
For the next season AW 12, the London based designer is mostly dealing with putting together a way to wear the colors I love – white, black, nude and purple – mixing different fabrics with a strong accent on details. The result is a collection extremely sleek and streamlined, luxurious and yet very wearable. He states that “…every woman wants to be beautiful and I want to play a part in helping them achieve that” and simply gets how to do it.


Tsemaye Binitie launched his namesake label in 2010, after having worked for John Richmond, with whom he completed an internship while graduating at Kingston College in 2004, Burberry and Stella McCartney.


Hi Tsemaye!

Tell us something about your latest collection: what was your starting point for it?
The collection is called 28 Fabourg saint Honore. I named it this cause it was the address of Madame Gres, whose work I saw at an exhibition in Paris when I started to research for AW12.


Which colors and materials have you been using and experimenting with?
Colours this season were very streamlined, I deceided to keep it tight and chose to work with white, black , nude and purple with a strong focus on details. Fabrics ranged from creased leather to washed silk crepe, silk organza and wool. I put quite a lot of emphasis on details for AW12, silks were laser cut, pleated and hand embroidered with vinyl all techniques that saw my fabrics travelling all over the world. The Vinyl embroidery is done in LA and laser cutting in London while the pleating is done in Wales.


What is the statement a person is making when she’s wearing your clothes?
I am a modern Icon of strenght, beauty and glamour.

How do you define style and how does that manifest itself in your designs?
Style to me means being able to wear clothes that amplifies and reflects ones personality. In my designs i strive to make beautiful clothes that will add to a womans personality, make her fell empowered. Every woman wants to be beautiful and i want to play a part in helping them achieve that.


Your top three style essentials are…
Haha…tough…Im sure i have more than three but here goes….Great shoes, a healthy attitude and an amazing face cream!


If style could be a place where would it be…?
It would have to be split into three places for me…London, New York and Paris all mixed up!
And if it was a person?
My sister Temi, I love her approach to fashion!

A few people that you’d like to work with?
Models – Naomi Campbell, Maria Carla Boscono and Karlie Kloss
Celebrities – Gwyneth Paltrow, Rooney Mara, Azealia Banks and Anna Wintour

How was your NY Fashion week this year?
It was a great experience. We showed the first time in september 2011 and had a great response, its what lead us back there. This time we met with the fashion director at Elle and a signed with a new PR company so its all pretty cool!


Describe your perfect day:
Waking up to a picture of Anna Wintour in a piece from my collection.

Where do you like to eat and why?
Me and food have a love hate relationship….hehe…when im busy a lot of times i forget to eat…my favourite thing in the world though is Chocolate…..so ill eat anywhere as long as i can have chocolate!


What is IN and what is OUT?
IN – Tsemaye Binitie London
OUT – negativety

And finally, you are originally from Nigeria, living and working in London. How does the city and its people inspire you?
I love London, I have lived here most of my life. I am inspired by the experimental style here, people are very free and expressive in the way they dress in London. The mix of high end and low end is also something that is visible on the streets of London.


Thank you Tsemaye!

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  1. matilda says:

    so glamorous, I love this collection, especially as he keeps it to only few colors…very up my alley indeed

  2. Loving this collection beyond words. Already pinned a few of the looks!

    - Joana

  3. great interview. and interesting clothes. some I would wear in a heartbeat. others not so much… great post!!

  4. I am in love with the first 3 outfits! third one is so amazing….with that candid fur jacket!

  5. great interview, thanks for making me discover a new designer! awesome clothes, loving the pink ensemble!

  6. Great interview, the clothes are stunning!

  7. Beautiful! Love the second outfit and the white fur jacket :o

  8. You always post the best interviews!

  9. everything is so delectable ..wasn’t aware of this label before, thank you.

  10. The white ensemble, stunning!

    Sleekit x

  11. Love it. Love it.. Xxxxxxxx

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