Today styling crush

Leather harness, fishnet tank, metal cuffs…today styling inspiration is from The Wild Magazine.

Photographer: Marek Berry
Have a rockin’ week ahead!


11 Comments   |   Posted by Wobblinbetty in  editorial / photography / style
  1. Oh goodness yes. The styling here is to die for. Well maybe not that dramatic but it is so spectacular. Have a wonderful week!

  2. i agree, gosh the dress is gorgeous

  3. Beautiful, everything goes so amazingly well together, especially that hair! I especially love that 2nd photo!!

    <3 Kelly

  4. second picture is incredible!!

  5. Wow! Amazing dresses and photos! Strong, sexy and beautiful! xoxoxoo

  6. Dirty Glams says:

    woouu the dress is gorgeus!

  7. I want the hair style!

  8. I love that leather piece in the last photo!

  9. that tunic is amazing . . . is that laser cut leather??

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