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Today’s crush is on Lilia Yip Mirrormasque collection shots, really digging the clean but twisted styling.
Loving especially the latex gloves, they remind me of an article I read on Vice last month “Tuck it all there – FETISHIZING THE LATEX DREAM IN THE BRAZILIAN RAINFOREST: it tells the story of Willi Graber who, by realizing that wearing rubber gloves could get away with all sorts of forbidden deeds, unscathed, started his own latex label Fetisso. Interesting article, quite funny, worth a reading if you have a minute.


For more LILIA YIP MIRRORMASQUE 2012/13 COLLECTION shots check the Trendland feature.

Designer Lilia Yip
Art Director Marina de Magalhaes
Photographer Mariell Amelie
Stylist Marina de Magalhaes
Hair Adlena Dignam
Make-up Michelle Dacillo
Model Wylie Hays at Next
Styling Assistant Ana Rita

4 Comments   |   Posted by Wobblinbetty in  Fashion / fetish
  1. Vice is a great example of interesting, unconventional writing that is not overbearingly ‘arty’ and actually quite sincere and humorous. Rubber gloves in this editorial looks really cool!

  2. This collection ls super RAD!! the silk tops with a sort of hand emblem near the lapel is funk-dafied! Aswell as the dress, cheers for the share hun! Xx

  3. Answer: My blogspot is from my cabin up in a mountain here in Norway :D

  4. Love these outfits! Latex+silk mix is perfect!

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