Halloween | I say dance dance dance

[Sorry, no credits for this editorial cause my computer crashed before I could take note of them]
Hey dolls, which are your plans for tonight? Mine are to dance, dance, dance…


If you are in Milan tonight, this is the party to attend!! With a TOTALBLACK dress code it is exactly my ideal party! I could virtually throw myself into my closet and come out wearing wathever I catch LOL!



“Questo non è solo un after.

Questo è un party senza zucche e senza stronzate da 15enni americani.
Dalle 00.00 alle 08.00.
Dress code: NERO

00•02 -Natasha Slater & Fabiano Valli (PWP) Opening
04•06 -Skinny Boy
06•08 -Paquita Gordon (Misty Music)”

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