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If you are an hopeless lingerie addicted like I am, you will surely crush over the kinky, bondage inspired creations of Gaby - Gabrielle Adamidis - the Melbourne based designer behind Hopeless lingerie.


She has just launched a stunning, quite minimal collection and I’m lusting after it so badly.

All garments are handmade to order by herself in her studio. Check out her online shop and let yourself indulge in some very tempting shopping. I simply want everything, but my fav items have to be the Suspender Belt Cage Frame and the Open Frame Knickers.

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  1. Reply: I KNOW! All the thing from chanel’s makeup is to die for :D

  2. this is damn sexy

  3. SO SO SO DAMN HOT! i should really visit your blog more often. like seriously.

    thank you for your comments darling=)


  4. OMG, Gorgeous! Gorgeous… Just perfect! An beautiful pics too. h

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