Leigh De Vries | Strange



“In the name of love, live before you’ve died”

British musician and artist Leigh De Vries has just launched her new single’s video “Strange”.  Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the London launch party but, now that the video is out, I can finally share it with you guys. She’s gorgeous as always and once again I am loving the masks and headpiece, designed by AlienFox Designs - See other creations from AlienFox for Leigh De Vries here.


Strange written by Leigh de Vries, Sasha Pullin and Andrew Flude
Produced by Sasha Pullin and Leigh de Vries



4 Comments   |   Posted by Wobblinbetty in  music / videos
  1. Well Leigh! Awesome video.

  2. kelli bowen says:

    i LOOOOVE this song and video. can never get it out of my head. :-)

  3. amazing video! loving the styling a lot

  4. Stylist: Facebook: VICTOR VELVET

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