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All leather everything | Fleet Ilya

Leather bra and knickers? Yes please! But not just that, the London based leather fashion and bondage brand Fleet Ilya has an harness selection to die for. So many of these have gone straight to my wishlist, check them out. Which is your favourite model? Mine is the bottom one, sleek and minimal… me want!









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Sang Bleu + Armes

sangarmesbleu0  sangarmesbleu2

Super dope Sang Bleu x Armes collaboration (crow necks and tees) has been launched at this Lausanne event last week. Check the totally rad video recap by Varma Cesar that really, I mean REALLY, made me wish I had the chance to attend the party! I actually thought about heading to Swiss for the event as I’m a big fan of Sang Bleu family since forever… and also last time I was in Lausanne to get inked by Maxime I had quite a blast, but eventually I didn’t have the chance to leave Milan in those days…too busy sh*t! Anyway, mr. Varma Cesar did a perfect job in capturing the night vibe I guess, so…enjoy!!!


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Shut me up

Herring&herring2Herring&herring9 Herring&herring8 Herring&herring7 Herring&herring6 Herring&herring5

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AD 2013 Eleven Eight 0200AM Nero Nemesis


Made in Varma’s videos never fail to amaze me.
Enjoy the race!

VIDEO///*Aventador x Genève*
AD 2013 Eleven Eight 0200AM Nero Nemesis

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Alicia Hanna Naomi . 2014 collection





Alicia at Sea of Ghosts just came out with her graduate collection, so exciting!


Beside being an avid reader of her inspiring blog, I’m very much in love with her dark and sophisticated aesthetic ideal. Here is what she says about this stunning new collection:


“Crafted by hand and combining precious materials with those of scientific origins, the collection is my response to the haunting beautiful of dark and mountainous landscapes. Girt by blackened waters and crowned in snow, these rugged terrains are imbued with poetic desolation and natural austerity.


Taking cues from the majesty of geological, glacial and volcanic mountain structures, the works are small-scale studies of shape, texture and pigment. The collection is manufactured in Melbourne from sterling silver, leather and hand-cast resin. Due to the hand-dying process, each resin crystal mountain displays unique pigment characteristics.


There are ten pieces in the collection ranging from rings, bangles, pendants and a pair of earrings. The full collection is available to order online now at and if you’re in Melbourne will also be available to view and order from our graduate exhibition ALLEGORY, at No Vacancy Gallery in the QV until November 17th.”

- See more at:

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tonight. blk.

Consumption_051 John-Klukas-2 K+R_2 Klukas_Schon_08 tumblr_mdsphv3Bwj1qi4v41o1_500 tumblr_mdspwbWV3p1qi4v41o1_500 tumblr_mdsq22Kbs31qi4v41o1_500 tumblr_mlek754xLr1qi4v41o1_500 tumblr_mlnsyi3Fkd1qi4v41o1_500
Tonight mood. Ready to party.

Photographer John Klukas


And if you are in Milan, this is the party you cannot miss.

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