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Hello beautiful people! Let’s start the new year with my fav film from SHOWstudio’s ‘Fashion Fetish,’ a series of fashion films, performances, multi-media pieces and accompanying essays by women in fashion – including Ruth Hogben, Daphne Guinness, Liberty Ross, Aimee Mullins, Asia Argento and Dasha Zhukova – that comment on the contentious and provocative fusion of fashion with fetish.


The film, directed by Ruth Hogben with model Karlie Kloss, presents the notion of a woman exploring different aspects of her character and narcissistic love. In Hogben’s own words, ‘It explores a woman’s different facets and how she can choose to be a different character on a whim. Her fetish is herself.’

Direction: Ruth Hogben; Model: Karlie Kloss; Styling: Ellie Grace Cumming and Raquel Franco; Hair: Martin Cullen

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  1. this is so damn sexy….

  2. I am impressed with your sense of style

  3. <3 films from nick night

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