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Hello there! Today I’m very excited to feature the new leather and steel accessorie’s collection by 0770. The guys have been so nice to send me along a couple of their newest creations that feature a bold steel cross in the middle of a totally sick leather madness and I absolutely love them! Here I have styled them with a Neil Barrett laser cut leather top and Black Milk leggins.



You surely remember these young and talented Italian guys Zerosette Settezero from the interview I had with them about one year ago. And in just one year they have come a long way! Always true to their purpose of creating a fashion that goes beyond the patterns imposed, defined by the two as “Politically Incorrect”, they have played around with thick leather, steel and crocodile skin designing an awesome collection of accessories in a meticulously crafted work.
And along with such an amazing body jewelry, that become also body armour, they created and an incredibly sleek fashion collection which still keeps that signature artsy approach that adds an extra touch for those who cultivate an avant-garde aesthetic.


Photos above by Ced Pakusevskij @ Fullscream
And how cool looks the beautiful Ksenya in on eof 0770 body armour?


And I cannot end this post without sharing the backstage video of their SS13 Lookbook shooting. Enjoy!

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  1. This leather jewelry looks unbelivable so fuckin’ hot!!!!

  2. You look absolutely gorgeous!
    And lately I’m totally considering looking for Italian talents again… I had lost hope a while ago, but lately I’ve seen so many talented people, I’m almost proud of my country again. ;) You are one of thooose haha!
    I especially admire the ones who are staying and not running away like I did.

  3. wobblinbetty says:

    tnxx hun!! :)

  4. This is SO sexy! :O

  5. amazing jewelry, great collection too…loving the backstage video…want more of this

  6. So sick. And you look gorgeous!
    I’m definitely keeping them on my radar.

  7. wow , amazing gorgeous
    diggin this a lot

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