Object of desire | Falconiere choker


It’s Friday late afternoon, I’m getting ready to go out, and I’m lusting over this ”4-tier chastity choker” must-have-right-now ornate restraint. Hand-stiched harness chocker with layers of leather tier encrusted with crystal, chain, rings and clips strung throughout, this punk inspired piece by Falconiere, a luxury custom jewelry and accessories line founded by juniper Rose in NYC, has jumped straight to the top of my Object of Desire list. To be honest, there are a few pieces on their shop that I would be very happy to choose from at the moment, especially the “X-ray” necklace inspired by Punk legend Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spandex, which is high luxury sexyness indeed.


But as I don’t have any of these two beauties to choose from to wear to go out tonight, I’ll just need to search my jewelry box and find another choker that will suit my current mood.


Happy Friday babes!


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  1. i love how it has jewelstones in it!

    Oh and you should watch the film The World’s Greatest Dad (choking to death.. eheh)

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