Revenge is now | Vendetta FW13

How sweet is revenge?
…with Vendetta (which means revenge in Italian), the freshest new label Made in Italy, revenge becomes sexy too.
I have discovered the brand through an amazing new website, #FASHTAGS, that selects and promotes the best and newest Made in Italy fashion talents and is also a digital platform for international buyers of multibrand stores, and I immediately had crash for it. Uniting the fine art of classic Italian tailoring with a creativity that reinterprets music subcultural movements such as punk, dark, gothic, glam and post-punk, Vendetta breeds clean lines and perfection through limited edition clothing pieces that come on strong and with a distinctive visual appeal, and experiments in a field of endless possibilities where the only leads are the love for tailoring and couture, and the idea of classic black revisited in a multitude of unconventional ways.
Vendetta has also designed and tailored breathtaking custom creations for Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo of “The Bloody Beetroots”, last picture from top, one my fav Italian music icons.


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