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Metallic loafers: yes please | Zambesi FW13/14


Loving the new Zambesi Fw13 adv shots. Sleek styling and rad silver loafers, wich I am seriously considering buying (here). But in the meantime I am having fun wearing a much cheaper version of silver shoes from Zara, the metallic espadrille slippers featured in the shot below (buy here).


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Knee deep


Loving these shots by Bjarne Jonasson for Interview, in which the milky shade is trying to be the new black and the knees stand out as new erogenous zone and fashion’s center of gravity. Alexander Wang‘s dissected gladiator boots and Spring’s modish, super-short hemlines do the rest.

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“I think I cried

but perhaps I didn’t

I flew into my head and there

fifty tiny oceans lay in a coffin”
Anne Sexton, from The Sea Corpse



model: rowena xi kang (chadwick)
photographer: bonnie hansen
stylist: jam baylon
hair and make-up: blondie (vivienscreative)
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Kasia Struss | Angel Heart


Dark industrial atmosphere mixed with fetish vibes for this short film by one of my fav photographers Hugh Lippe for Nowness, featuring model Kasia Struss. Loving the styling and the location. Enjoy.


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“You are a glass that I have paid to shatter and I swallow the pieces down with my spit.”
- Anne Sexton, from Buying The Whore
Photographer: Bruno Dyan

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Photocopied in blk.

Back in black, back to basics.

Photocopied fashion, Xerox chic from Oyster magazine.


“I used an amazing technique called photocopier!” tease Rene Vaile, the photographer. Being always fascinated by everything that is black and white with a distressed feel, I obviously really like how this editorial has turned out, thanks to the above mentioned amazing technique. And also the super sleek styling by Mark Vassallo makes me drool. I especially love those sick Bordelle elastic stockings in the second shot from top, and the two leather jackets from Maticevski and Dion Lee.
Photography: Rene Vaile @ The Names Agency
Fashion: Mark Vassallo @ The Artist Group
Hair and Make-up: Max May @ Company 1
Model: Marthe Wiggers @ IMG
Fashion Assistant: Petta Chua

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