Punk’s not DEAD


It might be just a coincidence, but while I am obsessing over my new zebra jeans bought in Camden a few days ago, Interview magazine launches a freakin’ amazing editorial called “Wild Thing”, in which Punk goes primal with skater-boy silhouettes and “pretty vacant” attitude. Soo Joo Park is too damn good as badass rebel babe and she’s killing it in every single outfit.


Hello punk revival! My inner teenage rebel is ready to jump, yey!



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  1. Wicked jeans, I could never pull them off XD Anche se ai tempi d’oro ne avevo un paio neri e fuxia zebrati ahhahaha

  2. wobblinbetty says:

    ahahaha when I saw them in camden the other day I just couldn’t stop myself from buying them …not really my style atm but they are fun to wear ;)

  3. ha, punk will never die :)

  4. those jeans are behiond gorgeous and you are a babe ;)

  5. Isabel says:

    fucking happy punk is back
    shopping will be fun this season!

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