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Hectic days and crazy nights have slowed down my posting activity a bit, sorry guys, but finally here I am to catch up on the important things that have happened on the blogsphere while Milan was swallowed up by Fashion Week Events.

One of these unmissable things is the amazing shooting Char Alfonzo did for Drawn&Quartered new capsule collection, designed in collaboration with Nikki of Dirty Flaws. Jake, Nikki and Char totally smashed it! I totally dig the styling and the composition of all the images, very up my alley. And obviously the jewelry is behion amazing, check it out on www.shopdandq.com


Images via http://www.theboysforboys.com/

Photography and Direction by Char Alfonzo (@charalfonzo)
Styling by Alison Isbell (@alisonmarieisbell)

Makeup by Mark De Los Royes (@makeurmark)

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  1. The jewelry is beautiful. The photos are stunning. Perfect! x

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