Punk: F***K you – F***K me



Chris Sutton punk film for SHOWstudio was launched today, featuring new stunning and provocative fashion pieces and an exclusive vocal by Marilyn Manson. Coinciding with the launch of his new studio www.chrissuttonstudio.com, the insanely talented designer that used to be part of the kinky fashion design duo Void of Course (see more of them here and here) delivers a short film extremely sexy and captivating…and I am drooling over every clothing piece featured in it, exactly like I used to be crazy for each Void of Course fetish creation… Enjoy the Show!


Concept: Chris Sutton Studio; Direction: Chris Sutton; Cinematography: Martyna Knitter; Set Design: Gary Card; Performance: Julia Almendra / Jon John / C. Sutton; Hair: Liam Curren; Make-up: Lucy Bridge; Manicurist: Ami Streets; Styling Assistant: Tom Erebout; Edit: Jason Bradbury; Production: Lois Newcome; Soundtrack: Jason Bradbury with guest vocal by Marilyn Manson



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  1. Such badass pieces! I am in love!

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