Sang Bleu + Armes

sangarmesbleu0  sangarmesbleu2

Super dope Sang Bleu x Armes collaboration (crow necks and tees) has been launched at this Lausanne event last week. Check the totally rad video recap by Varma Cesar that really, I mean REALLY, made me wish I had the chance to attend the party! I actually thought about heading to Swiss for the event as I’m a big fan of Sang Bleu family since forever… and also last time I was in Lausanne to get inked by Maxime I had quite a blast, but eventually I didn’t have the chance to leave Milan in those days…too busy sh*t! Anyway, mr. Varma Cesar did a perfect job in capturing the night vibe I guess, so…enjoy!!!


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  1. whooopp looks like fun! top party!

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