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Stay Punk | Happy 2015

Let it roll baby… happy 2015!

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The empress

Schon_Magazine_TheEmpress-778x503 Schon_Magazine_TheEmpress2-778x503 Schon_Magazine_TheEmpress3-778x503 Schon_Magazine_TheEmpress4-778x503 Schon_Magazine_TheEmpress5-778x503 Schon_Magazine_TheEmpress7-778x503
“They says truth is hidden behind their masks, but I believe Truth comes out when they are masked”
Photography by Christopher Polack and styling by Raytell Bridges
via Schon Magazine

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NY state of mind









Photographer Antia Pagant, model Charlie Paille, stylist Billy Boy and makeup artist Sonia Marina ride the streets of NY enjoying a rebellious fashion outing. Take me to NY, please!

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Punk Love

SHOWstudio PUNK LOVE by Marcos Mello from Cavallaria on Vimeo.

Totally amazed by the technique of ‘motion light painting®’ developed by Marcos Mello to tell ‘the story of the cathartic encounter of Sid and Nancy. If we have already seen this technique used in photography shots, the final result in film is much more impressive.
Starring Top Models: Alícia Kuczman(Nancy) & Isabel Hickmann (Sid)
Produced by Cavallaria

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Flashback – Givenchy Spring ’13

Givenchy x Barneys | Spring 2013
Directed by Gordon von Steiner

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flashback – Borba Margo: Show Studio

This was 5 yrs ago: a perfect evidence that if you have a personal take on some concept and an original story (plus great photography) your video work won’t age that bad. Nowdays we are lacking these skills, we seem happy just to get inspired by other creatives. But the power of artistic creation needs dedication, skills, and the courage to do something that the mass have never seen before. Something we can fall in love with for the first time.  
Find out more about Giorgio Margo at

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