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Naked bodies become art pieces in the work of Chinese photographer and poet Ren Hang.


In China Ren Hang’s exhibits have been closed or censored in many occasions; his prints have been confiscated by authorities or vandalized and he has been arrested in China for the supposed obscenity of his artwork but if you are in Rome right now, for the next couple of weeks you will be able to enjoy his work, on show till June 28 at ISA.


“Photography should be a recording of instinct. I never intend to transfer anything to anyone through photography, nor to change the world, the society by it etc. It’s like a picture that you took of your lover. You took it without making any embellishment, but you hang it on the wall that faces straight to the door anyway. Cause that’s the best picture. Other professional perfect pictures could never be filled with affection like that.”


“Before and after I take a picture, I would always ask myself: am I enjoying this? Is the person who I’m shooting enjoying this? Cause the reason of being is “be happy”. If every photo we take is for some specific reason, then I would rather sit down and relax with my friends, take a cup of tea, watch a movies or exchange our first sexperience or anything else.”


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  1. Beautiful shots !!

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