Gareth Pugh x Matthew Stone: Armed Venus


Two Maverick Creatives Free Associate On Synaesthesia, Collaboration and Dolly Parton.


In love with this track, melancholic, enveloping, captivating and all-consuming…exactly what I need to fill in the silence of an end-of-summer night.
Follow the link to listen to it on Nowness


“Sensuous black-and-white portraits that provide a poetic metaphor for acoustic violins in “Armed Venus,” from Matthew Stone. Originally composed as the accompaniment for friend and frequent collaborator Gareth Pugh’s womenswear show last month in Paris, the ten-minute orchestral meditation punctuated an acclaimed collection of floor-sweeping tribal gowns made from garbage bags found around the designer’s east London studio. The track, produced by Joe Ashworth and featuring Jordan Hunt on the violin, joins Stone’s ever-growing repertoire of musical crossovers into fashion; he has already spun works for Adam Kimmel, Prada and Rick Owens.”

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