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“I take pleasure in my transformations. I look quiet and consistent, but few know how many women there are in me.”― Anaïs Nin


Jenni Hensler is a NY based creative director, costume designer/stylist and visual narrator whose work explores the relationships of time and space, nature and science, and the meaning human consciousness attaches to unexplained phenomena. The spirit of magic realism runs through her work.


She creates narratives through the manipulation of space and form. It is primal, and transcends language. It’s the most immediate form of communication.

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“For over ten years I’ve been creating visual stories – from designing costumes and wearable sculpture pieces for musicians and editorial to building sets and video collages. This is my passion, and my way of connecting with others. I am grateful to make a living doing what I love and to be able to collaborate with so many wonderful and talented people along the way. Each project I work on inspires me more and new ideas continue to emerge. They all seem to have a common language and I feel that now is the perfect time to bring all of these ideas together.”


In her upcoming art show Persona Somnia, November 2015, Hensler invites each one of us to explore our own intimate personal journey. Visit her exhibition fundraiser (last day May 8)


Read the interview with Jenni Hensler and find out more about Persona Somnia here

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