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Don’t try this at home

For the latest in the Fetish United series, directors Ryan Hope and Mamady Condé offer a provocative portrait of the controversial sexual act of erotic asphyxiation. Read more on NOWNESS

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Dior goes to Venice

Dior Homme X At Large Film from TrendLand on Vimeo.

The Film directed by At Large Creative Director Randall Mesdon and set to a pulsing soundtrack titles ‘Black’ by the Artist — Spray, artfully follows rising Skateboarders-slash-models Ben Nordberg, Haden McKenna and Zack Riddle as they carve an ambient narrative that spotlights the Dior Homme Winter 2016 Collection.

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BW collages








In love with these beautiful images by Raphael Vicenzi -
via Trendland

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AMMO – Rivi

Song : “AMMO” by R I V I
Singer / Songwriter : RIVI™
Soundcloud :
- – -
Director / Editor : RIVI™
(All footage shot by Rivi)
- – -
Music Producer / Mixed by TK The Legend…
© : 2016 RIVI – TK [the legend]

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Freja by Peter Lindbergh for Vogue Italia

Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-1 Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-2 Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-3 Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-4 Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-5 Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-6 Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-7 Vogue-Italia-January-2016-Freja-Beha-Erichsen-by-Eter-Lindbergh-8

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MArla | Catherine Louis

A crystalline portrait of model Marla Fabri on Nowness.

Director: Catherine Louis

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