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Featured | Vogue Italia August ’14


I am very excited to announce that I was featured on Vogue Italia, August printed issue. Whoop!


Together with Ced Pakusevskij, creative director of Fullscream, the design studio where I art direct the fashion projects, we have been mentioned in the piece written by Fiamma Sanò, and got featured with the header image “Intrinsic”.


The article talks about fashion films seen as the future of fashion communication and anticipates the first Milan’s Fashion Film Festival that will take place in the city in September.




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I am on Elements Magazine!


Hello lovelies! I am very happy to announce that last week I have been featured on Elements Magazine! Unfortunately, these working days have been so hectic that I manage to post about it only today…shame on me! :)


A big thank you to the gorgeous Aggie at with whom I had a great interview about my art direction and design work! Go and check it out here.

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Hey darlings, are you on Instagram? Let’s stalk each other then!
Instagram name: Wobblinbetty


From top:

. Chris Habana ZERO chocker/nove25miniskull pendant/ AA sheer shirt // Givenchy Pandora bag (brand new, I love it so much!)

. A day spent on the haunt for the perfect models to shoot for a fashion client // Jill Sander sheer top (crazy fabric, my fav right now!)

. Studded loafers // Carvela lace-up buckled heels

. A page from an old mag // Jil Sander Navy wedges + Mac nails

. Views of my design agency


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Wobblinbetty x Enquire Mag

Hello beautiful pepole! Today I’m very glad to announce that me and my blog have been featured with an interview on the Italian magazine Enquire! I want to thank the gorgeous Cristina Mainardi for choosing Wobblinbetty Keeps Wobblin’ as blog of the month and all the lovely people there at Enquire mag!

Read the article here

The magazine is written in Italian but soon you will find many articles in English too. In the meantime, here is the translation of the interview for all you that could be interested but don’t understand Italian language. Hope you like it!

[by Cristina Mainardi]
It’s a free zone, a black space where all the ideas and life of a quirky Italian female character take shape. It’s a universe within a blog where different works of art come together; it doesn’t matter if they are from the fashion world, traditional photography or art, what you will find here is cutting edge and avant-garde. Many of the images come from editorials from various sources and always point out, as the blog does, what is “new” in the world from any point of view. It’s easy to understand that this is the story of the everyday life of “Betty”, which is made of events, photoshootings, urban life and cool people. It’s a nice place to visit from time to time, to lean out from that ledge called “everyday”.
We had the pleasure to chat with Betty, to get to know her a little bit more:

Who is WOBBLINBETTY? Wobblinbetty [Elisabetta Giovi] “quick wobblin’, life lovin’, party makin’, jelly shakin’, beauty cravin’, style inspiring, mind blowing, fast moving, high reacting, creativity tickling, brain eating, black&white freakin’, no repeating, easy going…”

Why did you choose this name? Wobblin’ is everything that moves and shakes in a crazy way, like some fruit jelly or the Queens of Dancehall’s bum! I like that! It is very onomatopoeic, funny and doesn’t  take itself too seriously.
Where are you from? After spending a few months in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, I have just come back in Milan for working reasons.
I was born and raised in Varese, where I have been living till the end of the art school. Varese is an extremely elegant middle-class small city next to Milan (Italy), but there you find a small bunch of alternative and creative persons that go against the tide and make it a very interesting place.
But if you ask me where I am REALLY from I will have to say Brixton, London. I have been leaving there for a quite a few years between the end of the Nineteens and the beginning of the new millenium, breathing the very hard core of  an uncontrolled underground culture made of art, design, street style, electronic music and rave parties. Maybe it has got something to do with the fact that I am an Aquarius who tends to get easily bored with things and is always looking for new inspiration, but changing place and habits has always a very positive and stimulating effect on me! I like to travel but the thing I love the most is having the chance to settle for a while in the places that strike and inspire me…
What is your job? I am visual designer and art director. I love my job. Check out my work at
How does your job influence your blog and viceversa? In more recent years I have grown into the design for fashion and beauty industry frontline, and because of this it happens very often that I am looking for photographers, shooting, shop windows and communication inspiration. Every time that I discover a particularly charming new talent, somebody that catch my attention because of a special attitude, I make a post about it on my blog. The things I publish are actually a bit more edgy compared to what I normally present on my job, but than again the edgy way is where I want to be and I always try to push myself in that direction. 
Our section is called “Blogging out of..” and you, why do you blog out? is the place where I collect images, thoughts, visions…everything that inspire me and fits into my underground-chic aesthetic ideal. When I come across somebody or something that gets me excited I need to share it.
Your blog is about fashion, photography and art, why? Fashion, photography, style, art and design are my passion which I try to fulfill and feed constantly and as much as I can, also through the blog. 
Where do you find out all the artists you talk about? It depends. I can find them online, on a magazine, at a fashion event or in club while sipping a cocktail. For example, sometime ago I was out in an Italian wine bar in NY and I met the gorgeous Klara, jewelry designer from Saklabel. Only a few minutes after we have been introduced to each other we were already planning a collaboration, an interview and a competition…it will actually be very soon on my blog, so be sure you watch out for the wonderful giveaway!
How is your website traffic? I have a lot of visits coming from USA and UK, and straight after from Italy and other countries. In the latest period I posted more material from Eastern Europe and because of this I am also getting more visits from that area. This makes me particularly happy because I strongly believe in the positive outcome from Easter/Western contamination. I have scheduled for the near future an amazing post about a young designer from Moscow that completely drove me crazy! You will love that!
How do you find the contents for your blog? The contents of my blog come from different sources but mainly from online, magazines and fashion events. I definitely have a soft spot for dark, minimal, aggressive aesthetic but this doesn’t mean that I publish everything I found that fits this description. Many times friends and colleagues that share my same aesthetic ideal bring interesting new stuff to my attention.
How do you choose what to post? I follow my instinct, always. I am never in doubt about posting some stuff or not, I choose at a glance, like I do when I am working. The beautiful and unusual win on everything. I always try to avoid too popular subjects that have already been around the web too much, like for example Fashion Week reports and stuff like that.
What do you think about the Blog phenomenon? In your opinion, could it influence the fashion system? Fashion blogs are surely an interesting phenomenon but honestly I cannot tell how much they really get to influence the fashion system. The truth is, nowadays is very easy to be a fashion blogger, but if you want to deliver something new a lot of work and passion are needed… The people I write about are kind of “ambassadors” of the avant-garde I’m talking about and I am truly happy to have the chance to publish their work… If this manages to influence the system is even better!
The only negative thing that I can say about the fashion blogs reality that increasingly grows day by day is that I get fed up of new trends even before seeing them on the street.
How your blog is different from the others? One of my readers recently described it as “a feast for the eyes” and I think she got it right.
Better the foreigner ones? I don’t think there is any quality difference between Italian and foreigner blogs, I am big fan and supporter of both.
Only if we talk about style blogs I must say I follow more the foreigner ones because of the more alternative underground style they deliver. Italy is the homeland of polished elegance and flawless style. It is easy to see this just looking at the young women that stroll around Milan: they all look like if they came out straight from a Vogue editorial. I truly admire this typically Italian sense of style but I feel much more at ease between Iris Van Harper, Rick Owens, Barbara i Gongini, Asger Juel Larsen, Zana Bayne, Gemma Slack, Gareth Pugh and Ann Demeulemeester…brands that are much more easy to find on foreigner blogs and shops.
Plans for the future? I love to live day by day but I can tell you that I have a very exciting plan coming up…but it is still top secret for the moment! Stay tuned!

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